Don’t ask me how…

…but I did it! I played around with my PSP settings and I’m FINALLY able to save graphics as 200 dpi. Man, that took me quite some time and how hard can it be? (or how blonde can you be?)

To celebrate the above I decided to scrap a new picture my SIL sent me. It’s the latest edition to our family, my nephew Floris (born Febr. 26th). He is SUCH a cutie! Smiling all day – whether you’re a stranger or not, he gives you his ear-to-ear grin and makes me melt 🙂


I never thought of adding pixel graphics to my DS layouts, but for this layout I just had to use my “plushies” (lineart by My Pretty Pixels, colored by me). Suddenly the possibilities of new sets are endless. I have created hundreds and hundreds of pixel graphics. Many of them I can adjust and use them in DS kits, yay!

I thought I’d lost my muse. I used to pixel almost 24/7, but for months and months I sat here, opened PSP and closed it again. I just couldn’t get motivated. Things changed when I discovered DS. I don’t know if that’s because I grew tired of pixeling and DS showed me a new way of creating graphics or for another reason, fact is that my mind is bubbling again.

So many ideas, and so little time – lol. I’m working on 6 DS kits at the same time. Trust me to NOT be organized!

I don’t care, I feel creative again and that’s enough to keep me smiling 😀


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