As often, something Caroline mentioned got me thinking.

I found a meme the other day and tagged Caroline, knowing she isn’t too fond of these things, but there are only 5 people on my Blogroll, and I didn’t want to tag strangers. Yes, I know I’ve never met 4 of the 5 people on my blogroll, but I don’t consider them strangers 🙂
And I thought, “this isn’t a must, if she doesn’t want to do it, she can just ignore my tag.”

But she did post the meme along with the comment that got me thinking

…Is it just fun? Is it all about sharing? …is it about linking to increase traffic to your blog?

Call me dumb, but it never occurred to me that by doing memes you’d increase traffic! Shows how ignorant I am, and I’m not afraid to admit it – lol.

I’m addicted to memes, for several reasons. They fill space, so I don’t have to think of something (interesting) to write. People who visit my LifeJournal will know that it is full of memes. Apart from filling space, memes – to me – are also about sharing. It lifts a tip of the veil, visitors get to know me a little better. I love reading other people’s memes and find out things I never knew about them. Heck, I even like reading memes from strangers! Some people come up with the most unexpected and/or funny answers, providing me a great online time.

Another thing… although I am aware that this Blog is public, so anyone can stumble upon it and read my thoughts, I’d like to think that only a few people read it. Weird eh? I know, I know, as a webmaster one of your goals must be increasing traffic, but I’m quite the opposite. Somehow – when writing an entry – I vision the few visitors I have (that I know of), all sitting around the coffee table, having a nice cuppa and a cookie or two and enjoying hours of trivial conversation or interesting in depth discussions (which would include a bit more than just two cookies, I promise you!) 🙂

So, what have I learned today? Memes increase traffic… I (speaking as webmaster now) say: perfect! Watch this space as there soon will be another meme!

Goes off to take care of a huge supply of coffee and cookies for all the new visitors… oh and chairs, I need chairs too!

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