Harry Potter

In honor of Harry Potter month, I’m working on Digital Scrapbooking kits, related to the four Houses and Hogwarts itself. I’m almost done, just need to finish a few embellishments and then the sets will be available.

I found a picture of Manon, dressed up as Harry Potter for her school Carnival back in 2003. I am a Potter nut, but don’t have many HP-related pictures I can scrap, this one is perfect though 🙂

The broom in the kit is made by Caroline, as I couldn’t find a decent tube and was too lazy to draw it myself . The broom won’t be available in the free kits. Wand, wizard hat and Golden Snitch are tubes from a great tubesite KandyKisses, but the link I have is dead. I’ve searched online but I can’t find it, if you know a new url for KandyKisses, please let me know!

Manon as Harry Potter

I’m thinking about the movie all day – there must have been things I’ve missed, so I’ll go see it again soon.

I’ve checked for reviews online and opinions vary – as always. Some think it’s brilliant, the best HP movie so far. Others – like me – think too much information, important to the storyline, is left out. It still is a great movie, definitely worth seeing, but if you know nothing about HP and his history it might be confusing.

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  1. How fabulous! I wish I did scrapbooking!

  2. Lady Jane on July 13th, 2007 at 22:41

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