I read three books in three days.

I postponed it as long as I could, as I don’t like vampires.
The thought of them frighten me. In fact, I stay far away from any story that includes monsters, snakes, ghosts, weird creatures, etc. etc. It’s really amazing that Harry Potter swept me off my feet as I just don’t like reading scary things.

I’d never have bought the books, as I don’t like vampires.
Manon got them from the school library and was smitten with them. She finished Twilight and left it next to my bed. I started reading… and couldn’t stop. Finished it in a day and couldn’t wait for her to get home so I could borrow her edition of New Moon. Same goes for Eclipse, but I finished that one before Manon did. Now I have to wait until Breaking Dawn is available at the library, and I hate that!!

I was apprehensive at first, as I don’t like vampires.
But the romance between Bella and Edward just grabbed me. I’d never thought I’d wish for the leading lady to be kissed by a vampire, but I did. I won’t post any spoilers, in case someone hasn’t read the books yet, but I will say that the triangle kept me on my toes – and at some point I had a lump in my throat.

Not much changed. I still don’t like vampires. But some of them have a special place in my heart, and a certain werewolf as well. I must be mad!

Stephenie Meyer, I salute you!

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  1. LOL You’re not mad… you’ve just joined the rest of the world in the strange obsession with these characters.

    I read Twilight and New Moon back in 2006 and fell in love with Meyers’ writing and her characters. My oldest daughter jumped on the Twilight train in 2007.

    I’ll be interested in what you think of Breaking Dawn when you read it. My daughter and I did a discussion review of it on my blog last summer, but don’t read it yet… it has spoilers!!!

  2. Christine on August 29th, 2009 at 23:45
  3. I managed to borrow Breaking Dawn a few days after this post Christine. Finished it in a day. Off to read your review now 🙂
    Funny thing is, although Manon (14) has just 2 years of English lessons, she couldn’t wait for the release of the Dutch translation of Breaking Dawn, so she’s reading it in English now. Slow process, but I’m so proud of her!

  4. Antoinette on August 30th, 2009 at 01:54

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