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Quite some time ago I found a meme on Flickr called ‘Mosaic‘ which basically meant that you answered questions by picking Flickr photos and make a Mosaic out of them, a feature neatly provided by Big Huge Labs (BHL).

To be honest, I only concentrated on the Mosaic Maker and never paid attention to all the things BHL had to offer. *stupid me*

Today I discovered the many wonders of BHL. No, I don’t work there, I don’t have shares, they don’t pay me for this ad, I just want to share my joy 🙂

Of course BHL is a business so they hope to make money out of your creations, but they offer a lot for free as well. All you need to do is sign up! You can use your pics and make puzzles, mosaics, fake ID Cards (to display on your Blog or Facebook account), too much to list here, so just visit!

Because I’m very much into Wicked at the moment, I immediately knew I just HAD to make a fake Wicked movie poster, adding some of my Facebook friends. I love the way it turned out 🙂


Ha! Finally made into the movies 😀
Hollywood, here I come (not)

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  1. Thanks for this link- I’ll check them out. Like your poster:)

  2. Jill Sutheralnd on September 22nd, 2011 at 10:03

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