Jacquie Lawson

I guess there aren’t many people – if any – who haven’t heard of Jacquie Lawson. The gorgeous e-cards are a joy to receive (and send!). As always I bought their Advent Calendar and I can’t say enough how much joy it’s giving me each year. I love decorating trees, creating snowflakes and solving puzzles, but the best of all is the complete picture, which synchronizes to your computer clock, so when it’s night in your timezone, it’s night on the calendar’s main page as well. Each day images are added to that main page and by the end of the month there’s so much to see, it’s worth a picture 🙂

Here’s the one I made yesterday. And I’ll include the tree and ornaments I decorated (the ornaments are displayed on the bottom left of the calendar’s main page!)


This is the tree I decorated, it’s on display in the Family Room


And yesterday I decorated five ornaments, here are two of them



I am in no way affiliated with Jacquie Lawson’s website, but I can highly recommend it! There’s still time, head over and invest just a few bucks for a month of joy 🙂

Happy Holidays!

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