Memory Lane

Do you remember those times…? Let me paint the picture….

You’re about 15/16 years old, a new band releases their first single. Not only do you love the song, but the guys look great as well and what’s even better, they live in your hometown!

Well, that’s what happened to me. I was a huge fan of a glamrock-band (we’re talking about the 70s here!) called Catapult. My best friend had a crush on the guitarist, I adored the lead-singer. Posters on the wall, I drew portraits of them and we tried to visit every concert within reach (considering our limited pocket-money and the fact that we had to get there by bike or bus). It was a wonderful time!

When my oldest went to school for the first time, I accompanied her, of course. When I entered the school, a man just came out of the door and I thought he looked familiar. I couldn’t exactly remember where I saw him before until hours later… it was the lead singer of Catapult. No longer the wild glamrock star, but a man in his fifties, with a short hairdo, wearing a common jeans and sweater. Turned out he lived just one street away from me, married with two kids. Although I got over my teenage crush decades ago, it was still weird seeing him.

I think I prefer the memories of that wonderful time in my life, rather than accepting that – like him – I’m no longer a teenager with my whole life in front of me and so many plans for the future…

*sigh* I’m old :p

In case you’re wondering about my taste of music, here’s a clip I found at YouTube. I have to confess, I still love the music (but those clothes and moves *rolls eyes*)

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  1. Hi Antoinette,
    I guess that dates me too, because I remember the band very good too. I was a few years youger then you, but I really liked Catapult too. I remember their hairdo, that was so hip those days. I had something similar, but then for girls. Ah the good old days. Let you hair hang down, lalalalalala

  2. Monique on September 24th, 2008 at 14:41

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